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GJP Floor Sanding London has been serving the UK for over 10 years. We are an independent floor refinishing/sanding company that puts an emphasis on delivering high-quality wooden floor work while creating a friendly and professional experience for our customers.

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  • Excellent Reputation: Portfolio of references from satisfied customers
  • Extensive portfolio of references from satisfied customers.


Which? is an organization that helps consumers find products and services they can trust to deliver best value for money and excellent service. You may be familiar with the Which? Best Buy endorsement, which identifies top-quality products for consumers. In the same vein, the Which? Trusted Trader endorsement highlights small businesses that are best positioned and committed to satisfying their customers’ needs. The assessment is carried out by industry professionals with more than 5 decades of experience, who are committed to ensuring consumer satisfaction and protection. It is, therefore, an honour for us to be a Which? Trusted Trader.


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Why Which? Trusted Traders?

Which? Trusted Traders are a standards organisation that has been vetting products and services for quality for over 50 years, and has now begun to do the same for traders and vendors. Like the Which? Best Buy recognition for products, the Which? Trusted Trader icon, for any service vendor, signifies the hallmark of quality. With GJP Floor Sanding London, you can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a business that has passed through the highest industry quality assessment tests.


Sustained Quality

To remain a Which? Trusted Trader, a business must continually prove it is able and willing to provide top quality service to consumers. Every year, endorsed businesses are reassessed to ensure they continue to meet the Which? Trusted Trader high standards of service. GJP Floor Sanding London is proud to be, and remain an endorsed Which? Trusted Trader.

Code Of Conduct

The Which? Trusted Trader Code of Conduct stipulates that a business must be honest, transparent, responsible, professional and customer-focused, among other things. Every business that successfully passes through the assessment process must sign this Code of Conduct agreement. For us, the agreement serves to reinforce our fundamental business ethics and philosophy.

Professional Service

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Honest Pricing

We promise that every job we do for you will be priced fairly and honestly. There will be no hidden costs. There will be no added costs sprung up on you after service either, unless clearly stated in the service agreement. Our pricing is transparent and you get to know what exactly you are paying for, including taxes, materials costs, etc.


GJP Floor Sanding London invoices are prompt and detailed. If you are charged for VAT, we will let you know. If there were extra costs incurred during the job, you will be made aware in detail. We will also let you know our expectations on payment, including payment period and structure. Generally, we allow a 30-day grace period.

Dispute Resolution

Our business practices and ethics, as well as the Which? Trusted Trader Code of Conduct, ensures that we are able to exceed the expectations of our customers. Where there are complaints, we take quick and decisive measures to ensure they are resolved to your satisfaction. These complaints are resolved within 28 days, and the terms of resolution are effected within 8 weeks.


Every hardwood floor job we execute for you comes with a warranty, and we promise that the terms will always be made clear to you. We will never shy away from effecting the privileges covered in the warranty as long as the conditions are met.

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GJP Floor Sanding Was Featured in Sussex Life and Latest Homes

We don’t work as hard as we do and strive to deliver the best floor fitting and restoration results just to get recognised but it sure is nice when prominent UK magazines such as Latest Homes and Sussex Life recognise our prestige floor sanding services, our dedication to, and passion for, the community.

GJP Floor Sanding London services supplies a large number of communities in the London area, so if you are looking for someone to bring your old floor back to life then why not give us a call. We have an excellent reputation when it comes to providing superior customer service and high-quality wooden floor craftsmanship.

If you are not too sure what you need done to your hardwood floors, why not give one of our friendly and incredibly helpful customer service reps a call. They will answer all your hardwood floor related questions and get you set up for a free quotation. Trust your floor restoration project with the best floor sanding company in London, GJP Floor Sanding.


With over 30 years of combined floor fitting and restoration experience, our team of wood floor sanding professionals is committed to delivering the highest quality wooden floor craftsmanship and friendly customer service possible. We have an attention for detail and always treat your home as if it were our own. This means we will never cut corners on our floor sanding services and always do our best to make your floor look beautiful again.

Over the years, we have developed a large portfolio consisting of thousands of successful floor restoration and refinishing jobs. With each one of these hardwood flooring jobs comes a happy customer who was ecstatic they chose GJP Floor Sanding London for their home floor restoration. Give us a call and let us prove to you first hand that restoring your old floor does not have to be a painful and stressful experience.


Areas Covered

Floor After Care


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Oiled parquet flooring is less hard-wearing than lacquered parquet floor, and needs re-oiling every two or three years. This will nourish the parquet flooring and bring back its lustre. On the plus side, oil gives the wooden floor a more natural finish and if it gets scratched, you can re-oil a small area.
Can you have underfloor heating with parquet flooring?
All GJP Parquet floors are compatible with low-temperature underfloor heating (valid for both glue down and floating installation). However, the maximum contact temperature of the wood floor cannot exceed 27°C.
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Underlay is the term for a thin material laid between the sub-floor and the floor. Underlays are useful for stability, insulation, sound reduction, and moisture protection. They are commonly used for floating wooden floors. Fixed floors are fixed directly to the sub-floor, so do not usually incorporate an underlay.
How can I achieve sound reduction with wooden flooring?
When buying your wooden floors, sound reduction is an important factor to consider. Depending on the type of property you’re fitting a floor in, you might want to reduce the noise that you hear when walking around, or if you live above the ground floor in an apartment you might want to reduce the noise going into the floors below.
How do I get started with my floor restoration?
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Is it safe to use hardwood flooring in a kitchen?
Use caution when installing hardwood flooring in a kitchen. A kitchen is prone to food and liquid spills which can raise the wood’s grain or permanently stain or damage a hardwood floor’s finish. Be sure to wipe up spills immediately with a dry, clean cloth.
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Most of our floors can be used in any room as long as it is free of damp and all plaster and concrete are fully dry (see below for further details). The exceptions are bathrooms or other areas of high humidity where only a limited number of floors are suitable and these are indicated specifically in the brochure.
I’m concerned my wooden floor is too damaged to be sanded. Can you help?
Many old wood floors look worse than they are. In fact the ones that do have layers of old paint and varnish on them are usually the best protected underneath. Once we have begun sanding your wood floors, you will see the beauty of the natural wood coming through very quickly. Any remedial work such as repairing cracks, dents or spot-sanding will be carried out once the main sanding is completed.

It’s a fast and cost-effective way to make old wood floors look as good as new. Upon completion, our floor sanding experts will be able to give your wood flooring the makeover and finish it so desperately needs with stunning wood flooring results.


Very happy with the result of my floor sanding. The operative was very polite, and kept me up to date throughout the process. Lovely end result, I would definitely use GJP Floor Sanding again.
Stephanie Evans
10:53 22 Jan 20
Very happy with the result of my floor sanding. The operative was very polite, and kept me up to date throughout the process. Lovely end result, I would definitely use GJP Floor Sanding again.
Stephanie Evans
On time, on budget, hard working, fantastic result.
simon kellett
17:00 23 Nov 19
We had GJP restore, sand and varnish our floors and couldn't be happier with the work. The guys were brilliant and great to deal with and really made every effort to make sure the finish was as high a standard as possible. Highly recommended
Neil Darling
18:48 16 Sep 18
The professionalism of the finished work and the approach to customer care, right from making first contact through to the end, really marks them out from their competitors. Everything was done to the highest possible standard (higher than we had hoped, which was high!) and left the floors smooth with all possible gaps filled expertly. GJP went beyond expectation, Highly recommend!
Catherine Williamson
15:49 04 Sep 18
I can't recommend GJP Floor Sanding enough. The floors are high quality oak and Pete knew just what to do, providing specialist equipment to obtain the best possible finish. The floors are now beautiful. Really excellent quality work.
Andy Gillott
09:48 03 Sep 18
Its a pleasure to work with a company who have the customer first ethos. Professional, reliable and great value for money. Excellent pre work support and after care second to none. Recommend GJP.
09:14 03 Sep 18
Floors done a couple of weeks ago, and looking fantastic after 10 years of kids and dog running about. Very professional service, done on time barring an issue where the sander started kicking out sparks, but it was repaired that same day and work commenced the next day. Will definitely use GJP if we need more sanding done in future.
15:23 28 Aug 18
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